Fast Through the Villain, Sweet and Wild


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1130 Chapters · 35 Readers
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Rong Huang, the last nine-tailed golden phoenix in the Wutong Forest, relied on his soft and cute appearance to make heaven and earth. It is a scourge that is rare in the six realms for thousands of years. Finally one day he couldn’t do anything, and he was abducted from the God Realm to continue to be the overlord. Systematic Water: Do you want to dominate the campus, dominate the world, and become the most beautiful cub? Choose me choose me choose me! Rong Huang (clench small fist): The villain is me, I am the villain, and I speak for the villain. Rong Huang was the villain when the male and female masters were in love. Rong Huang was acting as the villain when men and women were engaged in affairs. The elegant and indifferent man dressed in white looked paranoid: “You were mine when you were born, and you will be mine for eternity.” Then she became the villain’s wife. Rong Huang: “???”

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  • Fast Through the Villain, Sweet and Wild
  • 快穿反派又甜又野
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