I Can Extract Attributes我能提取属性

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183 Chapters · 11 Readers
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Author:Tang Bei Fang

Novel Summary

Gu Shaoyang, who has traveled to the fantasy continent, has the ability to extract attributes, and can even merge at will. “Extracting the attributes of the top genius, the root bone +100, the comprehension +100, the qualification is improved!” “Extract the attributes of monsters, strength +100, defense +100, and increase the strength of the arms by a thousand pounds!” “Extract the attributes of the low-grade primeval stone *100, and obtain it by fusion, the top-grade primeval stone!” “Extract the attributes of inferior medicinal pills * 100, and get them by fusion, divine medicinal pills!” Finally one day, Gu Shaoyang faced the Three Thousand Avenue. “Extract the attributes of the avenue and get the laws of kendo!”


TitleI Can Extract Attributes
Raw Title我能提取属性
Addition DateNovember 5, 2022
AuthorTang Bei Fang
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