The Druid Master of Hogwarts霍格沃茨的德鲁伊大师

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804 Chapters · 2 Readers
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Author:Kan Shu Shang Yan

Novel Summary

Those who use druid spells to become bears are called bears. Using druid spells to become a moonkin, it is called a bird. Then the use of druid spells to become humans, of course, should be called human virtue. This is a story about a kitty who accidentally obtained a druid spell from another world, and was mistaken for Animagus by wizards, learning how to live a human way in Hogwarts. What can a kitty be wicked?


TitleThe Druid Master of Hogwarts
Raw Title霍格沃茨的德鲁伊大师
Addition DateNovember 6, 2022
AuthorKan Shu Shang Yan
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TagsAnimal Characteristics,Beautiful Female Lead,Character Growth,Familial Love,Cute Protagonist,Cute Story,Druids,Late Romance,Non-humanoid Protagonist,Power Couple,Strong to Stronger,Wizards,Male Protagonist,Harry Potter