An Unscientific Marvel Scientist


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358 Chapters · 3 Readers
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Author:Kan Shu Shang Yan

Novel Summary

The four-eyed otaku with an LED light on his chest and a metal shell flying around the sky, wearing a masked tights, and a four-eyed otaku who swings in the high-rise buildings, in order to retrieve the broken-arm doctor who turned into a lizard. A bald doctor with four mechanical tentacles pretending to be an octopus with four mechanical tentacles on his back, a senior thief who can change the size of his body at will… I don’t know when, in the world where Kraft lives, there have been a large number of special groups that use science to become unscientific. The great writer Lu Xun once said: “The only thing that can defeat science is science.” So, Kraft Lee decided to devote himself to scientific research.


TitleAn Unscientific Marvel Scientist
Raw Title某不科学的漫威科学家
Addition DateNovember 27, 2022
AuthorKan Shu Shang Yan
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TagsBusiness Management,Cheats,Complex Family Relationships,Famous Protagonist,Genius Protagonist,Male Protagonist,Racism,Marvel