Lord’s Little Vixen is Cruel Again


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[Shuang Wen + Pet Wen, Strong Men, Strong Women] The Gu family wizard predicts: The future mistress of the Gu family will be rebellious, strong, and surnamed Qiao, Xi. Lord dismissed him, “Oh, I want to see if she had to do with me in the end and I retreated, or if I regard her as a fate.” … “Lord, Miss Joe, she found out that we were protecting her in secret.” “Oh, I see.” “Lord, Miss Joe, she asked us to tell you to stay away from her.” “Oh, I see.” “Lord, where are you going?” “Let me stay away from her? Think beautiful!” When Lord tried his best to finally catch up with his murderous little woman, he immediately couldn’t wait to open his love affair, and the outside world was in an uproar. Everyone is saying that Qiao Xi is not worthy of Gu Yejue, that Qiao Xi is the canary raised by Gu Yejue, and that she is the little vixen who seduce Gu Yejue. And when Qiao Xi’s hidden god-level vests were exposed one after another, everyone who was originally angry was speechless. Lord also disliked that the excitement was not big enough. In an interview, he bluntly said, “Actually, I am the little boy raised by my wife, so everyone laughs.” [This article is strong men and women, and the plot is so cool! 】


  • Lord’s Little Vixen is Cruel Again
  • 爵爷的小狐狸精又凶残了
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