She Became a Villainess


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1914 Chapters · 31 Readers
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What will you do when you wake up and find that you have transmigrated into a book? And what if you have transmigrated as a villainess? Qin Zhizhi falls down in front of the male and female leads. She hugs the big boss’ legs tightly and complains, “Yuyu, she pushed me.” Lord Yuchen embraces her and warns everyone in the imperial capital that her body is very delicate and weak, and can be blown down by the wind! No one can speak loudly in front of her! Nobody shall stand beside her to pollute the air she breathes! One day, a lot of people witness how she is being bullied by a group of b*tches and they all want to go and help her. But who knows that she will suddenly put her hands on her hips and scold those b*tches? As a result, those b*tches shrink their necks and dare not to move. When she is done, she falls to the ground and points at them. “Boohoo… Yuyu, they beat me.” Everyone is instantly dumbstruck.


  • She Became a Villainess
  • 穿书后她成了恶毒女配
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