Owl, Your Wife Has Dropped Her Waistcoat Again


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632 Chapters · 15 Readers
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[Big guy + double strong + no logic cool text] “Wen Jiuqing, your mother is gone, do you want to stay ashamed?” “Wen Jiuqing, you monster, get out of here!” Wen Jiuqing-born eleven months after Wen Shuangyi was pregnant, he was lonely and arrogant, and he acted thunderously. He was also a monster in the eyes of others. One day, a headline on Weibo broke out [Wen Jiuqing seduce Xiaoye, delusional that the sparrow becomes a phoenix! 】 Master Xiao tweeted in seconds [@Wen Jiuqing, wife, grandma said let us give her a baby grandson quickly~] The old lady Zuo posted a Weibo [@Wen Jiuqing, let me introduce to you, this is my baby’s wife, my baby grand-daughter-in-law, my future great-grandson’s baby Ma Ma~] Third Miss Zuo’s Weibo [@Wen Jiuqing, this is my baby sister-in-law, please don’t provoke her, unless you can bear the anger of Zuo’s family~] Everyone:! ! ! Everyone said that Wen Jiuqing is a worthless waste. When layers of identities were revealed, everyone was ashamed: “Miss Wen, is there anything else you don’t know?” Wen Jiuqing smiled: “I won’t leave Zuo Hanxiao, let alone love Zuo Hanxiao.” When she got home, someone pushed her against the wall, “My wife, how many vests do you have, eh?” (Overhead + Double Clean)


  • Owl, Your Wife Has Dropped Her Waistcoat Again
  • 枭爷您夫人又掉马甲了
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