Quick Transmigration System: The Scum Girl and the Villain Are the Perfect Match快穿系统:渣女和反派才是绝配

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3153 Chapters · 5 Readers
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Author:Pi Yi Xia Hen Kai Xin E

Novel Summary

The system of other people’s homes is from the sky, and the system of their own is robbed. It traverses three thousand planes, with the collapse of the plot, and blasts the heads of NPCs casually! The female partner counterattacks, the scumbag saves herself, runs away after torturing the male protagonist, and refuses to recognize the villain when she raises her pants. But why, this villain chased her and ran one world after another? A certain year, month, day, a certain unscientific scumbag girl, holding a wine glass, “Some systems are their own when they are used, and some villains become fine when they are broken!” The younger generation’s eyes are shining, with a look of admiration, “Then senior, did you hammer his dog’s head?” “certainly……” A small cool breeze blows behind. “Ah ah!” She shrank her neck, turned around to run, but was caught by the fox’s tail. A certain villain looked gloomy, “Wife, are you still running?”


TitleQuick Transmigration System: The Scum Girl and the Villain Are the Perfect Match
Raw Title快穿系统:渣女和反派才是绝配
Addition DateOctober 11, 2022
AuthorPi Yi Xia Hen Kai Xin E
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