I’ll Add Points To All Things我给万物加个点

971 Chapters
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971 Chapters · 8 Readers
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Author:Chang Shi

Novel Summary

Adding points to items can turn stones into gold, and give items special abilities. Adding points to animals and plants can change their shape and turn them into monsters. Add points to yourself, you can get all kinds of skills and superpowers, Since acquiring this system that can add points to all things, Su Yang has embarked on becoming the CEO, marrying Bai Fumei, and changing his life…


TitleI’ll Add Points To All Things
Raw Title我给万物加个点
Addition DateNovember 9, 2022
AuthorChang Shi
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Monthly Rank#2276
All Time Rank#2672
TagsEvolution,Game Elements,Handsome Male Lead,Harem-seeking Protagonist,Magical Space,Nationalism,Racism,System,Terrorists