Myriad Worlds Domination Starts from Douluo从斗罗开始掌控万界

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444 Chapters · 5 Readers
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Author:Shen Bing Xiao Jiang

Novel Summary

[Hot-blooded. Invincible. Villain. Humor. Fun. Daily] Crossing the Douluo Continent, Yun Hao opened the Lady Luck system and became the spokesperson of the light. As long as he succeeds, he will get the lucky value stack! However, he is arrogant and unruly, he insists on becoming a hardcore villain, dominating the heavens and controlling the world! …… “Ding! Congratulations to the host awakening a god-level martial soul, Lady Luck Card!” “Ding! Congratulations to the host for awakening a god-level martial soul, the Emperor Guangming!” “Ding! Congratulations to the host for getting a million-year soul beast sacrifice, lucky value +100,000!” …… Turn on the Goddess Card Gold Card and activate Shadow Ninjutsu: Time and Space Enchantment! Open the goddess card purple gold card, summon the beast: eight dragon horses! Turn on the Goddess Card Brick Card and summon the artifact: Donghuang Bell! Turn on the Goddess Card Crystal Card and summon the magical skill: Temporal Storm! …… Let’s look at how Yun Hao walked through the wind and rain, walking on thin ice; helping the villains, spreading science, and becoming a man who dominates the world!


TitleMyriad Worlds Domination Starts from Douluo
Raw Title从斗罗开始掌控万界
Addition DateNovember 10, 2022
AuthorShen Bing Xiao Jiang
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TagsFanfiction,Handsome Male Lead,Harem-seeking Protagonist,Imperial Harem,Lack of Common Sense,Male Protagonist,Martial Spirits,Narcissistic Protagonist,Polygamy,Pregnancy,Protagonist Strong from the Start,Strong to Stronger,World Travel,System Administrator