Douluo Strongest Son-in-law


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1401 Chapters · 36 Readers
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Qin Feng, bearing the title of Haotian Douluo, Wuhun is a two-meter Tiangang hammer mutated from a waste hammer. One instrument kills two instruments and chases the soul. Weaker than the healing power of Jiu Xin Begonia! After going out in the Holy Soul Village, he exploded Zao Wou-ki and crushed Liu Erlong. In just ten years, Qin Feng was famous in the mainland! ! However, Qin Feng’s dazzling eyes finally offended the sleeping Devil Dragon. The highest spirit hall of the Douluo Continent began to attack him, and Qin Feng no longer concealed it. The second spirit that had been sealed for ten years was sacrificed and the world trembled! ! In order to avoid the final coming, Wuhundian sent Qianqianxue to shoot in the sand, but Bibidong never dreamed that this stupid decision of herself made her end Wuwudian by herself and made a wedding dress for others…


  • Douluo Strongest Son-in-law
  • 斗罗之最强赘婿
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