As a player, can you be normal?


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238 Chapters · 8 Readers
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Author:Da Bing Da Lian

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Li Nuo, male, cartoonist, poor, terminally ill, the doctor said he would not live to be 21 years old, so he died in an accident. Then, he entered a train that carried players to various game worlds. Entering the game world, it’s okay. In the face of player competition, it's okay. But... he found the world view and mission scripts of these games a bit strange. Why is there Bahamut in Nier's world? Why is there a city called "Yharnam" on the map of the Wizarding World! To become a master monster hunter, you need to collect eight guild badges! ? Is it serious that all vampires in the original world are female? He wanted to scream: Can't we be normal in an infinite world? And other players just want to tell him: It's not normal because of you, so can you pass the level in the normal way... … 1. Infinite streaming, mainly in the game world, but also in the original world, involving the original characters of the game, but not allowing them to appear in a conventional way. 2. Although this article involves a large number of games, (long tone) - all of them have been magically modified and integrated with the world view, so there will be no reading difficulties. 3. __________.


TitleAs a player, can you be normal?
Raw Title作为玩家,您能正常点吗
Addition DateOctober 9, 2023
AuthorDa Bing Da Lian
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TagsGame Elements,Male Protagonist,Reincarnation,Unlimited Flow,World Hopping