Bring the Farm To Wear Chronology


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680 Chapters · 26 Readers
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Author:Zui Ru Gui

Novel Summary

Bringing the farm through the ages, technology farming to rejuvenate the country. *** Chen Xiayue wore it until the 1960s. The original owner was in poor health and had a heart attack and had to marry in the countryside. Under fierce resistance, she suffered a heart attack and was worn by Chen Xiayue. Fortunately, Chen Xiayue still has a golden finger – the space farm system. One-click planting, one-click harvesting, automatic separation of fruits and plants. Wheat matures in 20 minutes, tomatoes in 40 minutes, and corn in 3 hours; Chicken farms harvest eggs in 6 hours, pig farms harvest pork belly in 15 hours… With the golden finger system, you are not afraid to wear it until the 1960s. *** Ding – Your farm has been upgraded to level 10, the shop function has been opened for you, and the interstellar orc plane has been connected. Relying on her golden finger, Chen Xiayue became prosperous in the 1960s, and she also changed the world by connecting to other planes to obtain various things and technologies. *** Demining: The system can be connected to other planes, the heroine can’t get through but can change things, and there is more than one plane. [1V1, double first love, sweet text of mutual love, cool text of farming. 】 Tag: food rebirth


TitleBring the Farm To Wear Chronology
Raw Title带着农场穿年代文
Addition DateNovember 13, 2022
AuthorZui Ru Gui
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TagsFarming,Female Protagonist,Magical Space,Multiple Reincarnated Individuals,Store Owner,System