I Signed in at Shaolin for Ten Thousand Years


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540 Chapters · 22 Readers
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Su Cheng traveled to a world of high martial arts and became a little sweeping monk guarding the Tibetan Scripture Pavilion in Shaolin Temple. Without the qualifications to practice, you must abide by the clear rules and precepts. If you want to return to the vulgar, you must have the ability to break through the bronze formation. This is really terrible. at this time…… [Ding, the god-level sign-in system is activated. ] Sign in at the Tibetan Scripture Pavilion and get rewards [King Kong is not bad magic] Sign in at the Demon Tower in Houshan Town, Shaolin and get rewards [Ananda Breaking the Ring Sword Technique] Sign in at the Bodhi Temple and get rewards [Dapin Tianxian Jue] Sign in in front of the Buddha statue and get rewards [Amitabha statue] … In this way, Su Cheng was determined to sign ten thousand years at Shaolin Temple, and she would never be born until invincible. Since then, there has been a mysterious sweeping monk in the Scripture Pavilion. Countless righteous and evil Zuo Dao ancestors have appeared here, but all of them have come back. Until one day, the Primordial Demon Ancestor broke the seal and launched the Heavenly Demon Formation. There are countless deaths and injuries among the masters of the fairy Buddha, and Shaolin is about to turn into a sea of blood. At this moment, a voice came out in the Tibetan Scripture Pavilion…


  • I Signed in at Shaolin for Ten Thousand Years
  • 我在少林签到万年
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