Food Hunter


1540 Chapters
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1540 Chapters · 10 Readers
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Author:Zi Lan Se De Zhu

Novel Summary

Treasure beasts, magical beasts. Treasures, secret treasures. Secret Realm, Demon Realm. The territory of the world where many unknown things are located is just a small part of the vast world beyond imagination. Lu Lie, who is passionate about food and adventure, strayed into the Hunter World. He awakened his ability to think of “Surgery Fruits”. What should he do? How many people would he have been involved with? The thing you are looking for should be something you haven’t seen before, and it will be a never-ending journey until death…


TitleFood Hunter
Raw Title美食猎人
Addition DateNovember 20, 2022
AuthorZi Lan Se De Zhu
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TagsCooking,Fanfiction,Fast Cultivation,Hunters,Male Protagonist,Overpowered Protagonist,Weak to Strong