The Transmigrator’s Cultivation


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937 Chapters · 40 Readers
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Within the Immortal Realm, there were nine thousand major realms, with three thousand at the top, three thousand in the middle, and three thousand at the bottom, along with countless minor realms. In Xu Ziqing’s previous life, he was sickly. In this life, he originally thought about passing his days freely amongst the scenery in between the mountains and rivers, but unexpectedly, the year he turned thirteen years old, in just a single morning, his life became a fantasy. If your body had Spiritual Roots, then you had to set foot on the path to immortality. If you were unwilling to do so, you would become a rock under someone else’s foot. Thus, he could only push forward against the currents trying to push him backward, repeatedly overcoming the obstacles in his way. Under the Tianzun, all were insects. Xu Ziqing’s life was like dust, but he wanted to hold fast to his sense of self, following his heart to pursue his Path, turning his body into one like a kunpeng’s, quickly advancing, and traveling everywhere underneath the nine skies!


  • The Transmigrator’s Cultivation
  • 穿越之修仙
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