The Guide of How to Be an Interstellar Tycoon


525 Chapters
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525 Chapters · 47 Readers
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Author:Jiu Wei Yao Hu

Novel Summary

Gu Bai, a wood superfunction possessor on doomsday Gu Bai transmigrated and became a foundling who was driven out of his interstellar family. Was he pathetic? He is to inherit a vast farm. Isn't it a nice thing to farm, fish, or cook at his will? With great efforts, Gu Bai made it the most popular land in the entire interstellar area. Wasn't it exciting to know that his parents regretted their decision? Later, Gu Bai was accompanied by a self-invited man with his beast. The man was handsome, and the beast was quite lovely. Fine, Gu Bai could bear and live with them. The story is about a man who inherited a farm and built infrastructures afterward. His career grew bigger and bigger, and finally, he started a revival of food cultures, and found his true love. PS: Gu Bai is the bottom one, while Jun Molin is the top. Although Jun Molin appeared early in the story, the romance part is later in the story as the protagonist focused mainly on his career in the early stage.


TitleThe Guide of How to Be an Interstellar Tycoon
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Addition DateApril 28, 2022
AuthorJiu Wei Yao Hu
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