World of Gods


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1255 Chapters · 7 Readers
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Author:Yong Heng Zhi Huo

Novel Summary

On the Mount Olympus in the center of the world, Zeus, the king of the gods, clenched the spear of Thunder and smiled at all circles. In front of him, the gods are like a forest. In the silver hall in the north, Odin on the High Throne holds a celestial gun and looks down at the world. In his eyes, the endless snowstorm. On the Nile River in the south, Amon at the helm of the sun boat fell on the Aegean Sea. Under his feet, bones are as dry as a mountain. In the land of two rivers, Marduk, king of kings, looked westward. His hero King Gilgamesh was carrying an oracle to Greece, and the battleship was like a sea. At Plato College, a young man named Su Ye stepped on the mountains and reached the top.


TitleWorld of Gods
Raw Title众神世界
Addition DateDecember 12, 2022
AuthorYong Heng Zhi Huo
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