Bleach: Stir Up the Situation死神之搅弄风云

788 Chapters
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788 Chapters · 6 Readers
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Author:Bai Yan Quan

Novel Summary

Traveling through the world of Reaper and becoming the adopted son of the captain, the corpse soul world is destined to leave the name of Diezuka Hiroshi. Lan Ran: “You said that my heart is gloomy, so I hold the mirror in my hand, what about you?” Hong Jiang: “Fear of death…”


TitleBleach: Stir Up the Situation
Raw Title死神之搅弄风云
Addition DateMarch 7, 2023
AuthorBai Yan Quan
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All Time Rank#2267
TagsAbsent Parents,Academy,Adventurers,Calm Protagonist,Famous Protagonist,Fanfiction,Fast Learner,Genius Protagonist,Handsome Male Lead,Hard-Working Protagonist,Hiding True Abilities,Hiding True Identity,Lazy Protagonist,Male Protagonist,Reincarnated in Another World,Schemes And Conspiracies,Slow Growth at Start,Soul Power,Transmigration,Weak to Strong