I Can See All The Bosses’ Drops我能看到所有BOSS掉落

1321 Chapters
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1321 Chapters · 29 Readers
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Author:Nan Bian Yu Luo

Novel Summary

When everyone is killing monsters day and night for a good piece of equipment, the protagonist is frowning at a backpack of equipment materials: “Why can’t it be loaded.” Immediately exclaimed: “The backpack is still too small!” Also known as: “I can see the drops of all monsters”, “Can I see through cheating”, “I don’t want to be the public enemy of the game”,… Signed works, please feel free to collect, comment, and recommend Sanlian. The more enthusiastic you are, the more diligent the update will be, because the author is an emotionless coding machine (manual dog head).


TitleI Can See All The Bosses’ Drops
Raw Title我能看到所有BOSS掉落
Addition DateDecember 3, 2022
AuthorNan Bian Yu Luo
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Monthly Rank#1394
All Time Rank#1074
TagsBeast Companions,Cheats,Game Elements,Gamers,Guilds,Male Protagonist,Virtual Reality