The Undead Empire That Travels Through the Multiverse穿梭多元宇宙的死灵帝国

801 Chapters
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801 Chapters · 11 Readers
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Author:Shi Qi Zheng

Novel Summary

Traveling to the world of Resident Evil, facing the zombies on the street and Umbrella hidden in the dark, how will you survive? Depend on the protagonist? Relying on foresight to walk the plot? Chen Mo said wait for me to change jobs first, and then… get up, my immortal servant! Let’s set off the undead natural disaster in this world and build a undead empire across the multiverse! The world is currently set: Resident Evil – Mummy – Pirates of the Caribbean – Terminator – Lord of the Rings There will be some worlds that I find interesting


TitleThe Undead Empire That Travels Through the Multiverse
Raw Title穿梭多元宇宙的死灵帝国
Addition DateDecember 9, 2022
AuthorShi Qi Zheng
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TagsArmy,Army Building,Based on a Movie,Cold Protagonist,Evil Protagonist,Gate to Another World,Genetic Modifications,Interdimensional Travel,Kingdom Building,Anti-Magic,Male Protagonist,Master-Servant Relationship,Movies,Nationalism,Necromancer,Sex Slaves,Vampires,World Travel,Zombies