Rise From the Humble


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2019 Chapters · 20 Readers
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This is the story of a graduate student majoring in ancient Chinese who was repeatedly ravaged on the way to employment. He returned to the middle of the Ming Dynasty and entered the body of a young child in a mountain village. The dull father and the pungent mother, Yishui’s best relatives, have a lot of troubles in the small farmyard. Fortunately, we have thousands of years of historical accumulation, four books, five classics, stereotyped essays, and professional counterparts. The national power rises vertically and governs;   Legal discipline is loose, official discipline is lax; There are a few treacherous ministers, and some Japanese pirates; But generally speaking, it can be said that this is a fertile ground for the free breeding of scholar-bureaucrats. A legend of the rise of a poor family grew from here. I would like to pay tribute to all time-traveling classics with this article. PS: Rise of the poor family book friend group: 219,803,021; Rise of the poor family full subscription group: 254,292,459 Welcome everyone to join the group and communicate with each other, and welcome everyone to communicate with me.


  • Rise From the Humble
  • 寒门崛起
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