Bringing System to Great Tang带着系统来大唐

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3035 Chapters · 5 Readers
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Author:Nong Jia Yi Guo Chu

Novel Summary

Li Yi passed through, with a lifespan system. Only by doing things that were conducive to the social development of the Tang Dynasty could lifespan be increased. At this time, his life span was calculated by hours, and then he met Emperor Li Longji who had concealed his identity from him. The story begins here. Li Yi: As long as it can increase my lifespan, I have all the skills needed.


TitleBringing System to Great Tang
Raw Title带着系统来大唐
Addition DateFebruary 18, 2023
AuthorNong Jia Yi Guo Chu
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TagsAncient China,Army,Easy Going Life,Economics,Farming,Game Ranking System,Limited Lifespan,Male Protagonist,Medical Knowledge,Modern Knowledge,Politics,Racism,Schemes And Conspiracies,Time Travel