The Villain Acts Recklessly


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841 Chapters · 18 Readers
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Lin Sui wore cannon fodder in a book of cultivation, and the cannon fodder furnace was full of physique, destined to be inferior. How could Lin Sui be willing, so he seduced the Son of Destiny, and when he cut off his Dao bone and transferred it to himself, he was blown up by the Heavenly Dao. The Dao bone on his body became a system that restrained him, and issued an order: You must retrieve all his souls, worship him as Lord in every world, bow down for him, and die! Lin Sui smiled and squinted, but he hated people most in his life to teach him to do things. Thereupon...... In the first world, he was an arrogant and arrogant young master, and the other party was a poor and lowly bastard. He humiliated him and gave him only shoes, and spoke love in his ear when the crowd was boiling. System: Your mother xxxxx [beep-] Lin Sui innocent: I am not following him as the Lord. In the second world, he is the new top of the entertainment industry, and the other party is the silent movie emperor after the accident. While laughing and suppressing him, he said that he deserved to come back, and kissed his scars at night, leaving resources to fly away afterwards. System: [Beep -——] Lin Sui Stall Hand: I am not enough to bow down? In the third world, he is an S-class Alpha, and the other party is a mentally damaged former SSS Alpha. He said with disdain that waste is also worthy of the battlefield, and when no one was there, he said that since you can't smell the pheromone, then I will do your omega, and I almost died for the other party. System:...... Lin Sui smiled: Is it enough to die and then die? Although he was finally hidden by the rich upstart Jinya, appropriated by the Three Golden Shadow Emperors, and completely marked by the Imperial Marshal, he was still happy. The system wept bitterly: the big brother begged you, never teach you to do things again!


  • The Villain Acts Recklessly
  • 反派肆意妄为[快穿]
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