All Heavens Unlimited Base


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579 Chapters · 25 Readers
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Author:Jing Da Ren

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Unlimited base? what is this? 【You can get technology trees from other worlds, produce and upgrade your own weapons. 】 Snapped! (snaps fingers) Understood! Resident Evil world? scanning! 【Congratulations, you have obtained the technology tree of Umbrella Corporation, which can make biochemical weapons. 】 Fallout 4 world? scanning! 【Congratulations, you have obtained the Academy and the Brotherhood of Steel technology tree, which can make power armor and synthetic humans. 】 The world of Command & Conquer? scanning! 【Congratulations on getting the Scrin alien technology tree, this planet can no longer accommodate you, get out of the outer space...】 The world of Mad Max? Scan... Uh, there seems to be nothing to scan, so let's kill! Get rid of those savage and bloodthirsty beasts! ! This is my base, my legion! The command refers to conquer the heavens! !


TitleAll Heavens Unlimited Base
Raw Title诸天无限基地
Addition DateApril 27, 2023
AuthorJing Da Ren
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TagsFuturistic Setting,Male Protagonist,System