She Made The Whole Cultivation World Cry她把全修真界卷哭了

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402 Chapters · 7 Readers
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Author:Qing Fu San Ren

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[Orthodox immortal cultivation, growth flow, no CP] The fairy caressed my top, and my hair tied for longevity. Jiang Yuebai, an orphan girl, climbed the mountains and climbed to Qingyun, just to find the way of immortals, and to roam the world and step into the sky. The road of cultivating immortals goes against the sky. Fight with the sky, fight with the earth, fight with people, and fight with yourself. The senior sister recited ten volumes of scriptures a day, and she read until dawn. The senior brother wields a sword back and forth a hundred times, and she returns with a gun in the starry night. Master sits all night refining alchemy, and her alchemy furnace will never go out! If you can't kill yourself, you can kill others, and strive to win the whole cultivation world. [You focus on alchemy, because you rolled too hard, the alchemy furnace was overwhelmed and exploded, alchemy proficiency -1] [You moved the iron pot to continue alchemy, and unexpectedly found that the iron pot is easier to control the fire, the medicinal materials are heated more evenly, and the alchemy proficiency +5] [Congratulations, your alchemy has been upgraded! ] Note: Immortal Cultivation data panel, complaining about attributes, no points, no rewards, no tasks, low appearance rate, thinks it is not a system.


TitleShe Made The Whole Cultivation World Cry
Raw Title她把全修真界卷哭了
Addition DateDecember 18, 2022
AuthorQing Fu San Ren
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TagsCultivation,Female Protagonist,System