Demonic World: I Pay to Win in Cultivation


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279 Chapters · 10 Readers
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Demons are rampant and the world is chaotic Years of natural disasters, people are struggling to survive The heroes are divided, attacking each other If mortals want to practice cultivation, they need to draw the blood of demons into their bodies and turn into demons. Du Kang, who traveled through this chaotic world, found that he could practice his life... [Snake Mother Art]: Hatching the eggs of the snake demon and bred young snakes with a secret incantation can transform into a snake mother and control all snakes. [Three-Heads and Six-Arms Technique]: Insert the blood-steel ant demon feet into the armpits and shoulders to generate multiple arms, and consume the blood of the three-headed dog goblin to grow multiple heads on the neck. [Glare Technique]: One of the nine methods of transforming dragons, using the blood of the wolf fairy as the ink, engraving the talisman on the blade and implanting it in the forearm, the knife can be retracted into the body, and the man and the knife are one. Those who practice this method are destined to fight on the battlefield for a lifetime. for companion. Incense Dao, Talisman Dao, Five Elements Sorcery, Cloudy Day Prayer, Rakshasa Ghost Face, Breaking Evils and Revealing the Right Key Sutra... Qingluan, Huofeng, Xiangliu, Taotie, Nine-tailed Demon Fox, Nine Sons of Dragon... This is a story of going all the way to the strongest in a world where there are only monsters and spells.


  • Demonic World: I Pay to Win in Cultivation
  • 妖诡世界:我能氪命修行
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