Fast Wear and Blackening: A Sickly Male God, Sweet and Exploded


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2966 Chapters · 18 Readers
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Author:Mu Qing Lian

Novel Summary

(1v1) “Ran Ran, you can’t see it, I will hold you down.” The gentle and affectionate president picked up her princess. Ran Muxun: Hehe, you blinded my eyes… “Baby, go to bed early after eating.” The powerful leader of the apocalyptic base pampered with exquisite food. Ran Muxun: Are you going to fatten me up, or are you going to bite me and turn me into a zombie? ? “Miss Ran, right?” The indifferent actor Gao took the initiative to knock on her door in the middle of the night. Ran Muxun: I’m sorry I don’t think there is anything so good about the corpse-breaking scene of the perverted killer! ! “Student Ran, come to my office.” The elegant and humble professor offered Tosven’s glasses. Ran Muxun: Professor, the “Human Anatomy” on your desk is too conspicuous… In order to earn points to exchange for his body, Ran Muxun had to fight against the blackened and sick men and gods to prevent the world from falling apart, and finally returned to the real world… Ok? How could this big guy who made her tremble with laughter so familiar? !


TitleFast Wear and Blackening: A Sickly Male God, Sweet and Exploded
Raw Title快穿黑化:病娇男神,甜炸了
Addition DateOctober 2, 2022
AuthorMu Qing Lian
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TagsActing,Amnesia,Ancient China,Ancient Times,Apocalypse,Appearance Different from Actual Age,Arranged Marriage,Assassins,Beasts,Beautiful Female Lead,Black Belly,Businessmen,Clingy Lover,Cold Love Interests,Comedic Undertone,Complex Family Relationships,Devoted Love Interests,Fantasy Creatures,Fantasy World,Fated Lovers,Female Protagonist,First Love,Game Ranking System,Handsome Male Lead,Interdimensional Travel,Jealousy,Love at First Sight,Love Interest Falls in Love First,Male Yandere,Multiple Realms,Obsessive Love,Persistent Love Interests,Possessive Characters,Power Couple,Pregnancy,R-15,Rape,Ruthless Protagonist,Seduction,Slow Romance,Special Abilities,Strong Love Interests,System,Tribal Society,Vampires,Wealthy Characters,World Hopping,Zombies