To You, My Beloved致我最爱的你

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934 Chapters · 1 Readers
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Author:Ye Fei Ye

Novel Summary

“Husband, I feel a little sick in my stomach tonight, ask for a vacation!” “Husband, I seem to have a bit of a cold tonight, ask for a vacation!” “Husband, I’m going to my friend’s house to accompany her tonight, ask for a vacation!” Before getting married, Gu Qingcheng always thought about how to push it to the Tang Dynasty. After getting married, Gu Qingcheng thought how to let Tang Shi let her go for one night. However, it turns out that no matter how invincible the excuse she found, he can always resolve it easily. “Husband, I’m in the Maldives now, take good care of your house tonight!” Since she can’t hide, she runs~ Want to make a claim to give yourself a holiday? Tang Shi pondered for a while and ordered a few words to the assistant. At midnight that night, the door of the hotel was knocked, and through the door, Gu Qingcheng heard Tang Shi’s voice fluttering: “My wife, open the door.”


TitleTo You, My Beloved
Raw Title致我最爱的你
Addition DateDecember 23, 2022
AuthorYe Fei Ye
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TagsDevoted Love Interests,Female Protagonist,Handsome Male Lead,Misunderstandings