Online Game: You Call Him A Newbie?


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272 Chapters · 18 Readers
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Tens of thousands of races invaded, [God’s Domain] online game came to reality, and the world became digitized. Everyone can awaken their talents in [Divine Domain], improve their level and strength, and resist alien races! In the divine battle against the invasion of thousands of races, after encountering the backstab of Qianye Yuan, the patron saint of the island nation, Lin Feng, the God of War of the Dragon Kingdom, discovered that he was actually reborn back to the moment before he entered the university and participated in the [God’s Domain] talent test. Unprecedented sss-level talent before awakening at the beginning of the game [all skills]! You can learn any skills of any profession, and use experience points to upgrade skills, and skills are not limited by the level cap! [Qingdi Longevity Physique: For each level up, the host’s current basic attributes will increase by 100%! 】 [Space Shuttle: Instant shuttle (500+50% magic power) * skill level/meter range! 】 [Ice Shards: Throw an ice spear, the ice spear will shatter after hitting an enemy, and deal 200% magic damage of the spell attack to that enemy. The shattered ice spear fragments will pass through the target, splashing the surrounding enemies within 30 meters, causing 80% damage of magic attack to the splashed enemies. Damaged targets are slowed by 50% for one minute. 】 【Flame Storm】 …


  • Online Game: You Call Him A Newbie?
  • 网游:疯了吧,你管这叫萌新?
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