Quick Wear: Report to the Host, You have been Attacked!


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2808 Chapters · 4 Readers
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Author:Xiao Cheng Zhi Er

Novel Summary

(Women are strong and men are strong, and the male lead is the same person) As a system that is very spicy chicken itself, it is actually bound by the host god to be a more spicy chicken host! The system said ruthlessly, I’m not alive! Unexpectedly, the host actually said that he would take it to pretend to take it to fly to make it the best! Well, just trust you once, I want to be the Lord of the Faces! But why did the host who entered the plane destroy the world without a word? !! Destroy me as the main god of the plane? #I may have encountered a fake host # #Only the power of love can stop the host from destroying the world # Xi: I don’t like this world, but I like you. Since you like this world, I will leave it for you.


TitleQuick Wear: Report to the Host, You have been Attacked!
Raw Title快穿:报告宿主,您已被攻略!
Addition DateDecember 29, 2022
AuthorXiao Cheng Zhi Er
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TagsApocalypse,Cultivation,Episodic,Female Protagonist,Handsome Male Lead,Showbiz,System,Wealthy Characters,World Hopping