The Heroine is a Real Boss快穿女主是个真大佬

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989 Chapters · 1 Readers
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Author:Nian Xiao Xiao

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Qin Xiang, an excellent attacker. Because of his outstanding performance, he was dug into the “villain group” at a high price, attacked the villain, warmed with love, influenced the villain, and prevented the villain from blackening and destroying the world! ! 【Plane of Comprehension】: He is the proud son of heaven. He was betrayed by his relatives, his spiritual roots were abolished, his dantian was broken, and when he was about to die… he saw the most hated enemy “Qin Xiang” since childhood. He thought she was here to kill him and give him the last ride, but unexpectedly… 【Entertainment Circle】: He was a poor little who was abandoned by his father and depended on his mother. In order to avenge the scumbag and his half-brother, he approached her, pursued her, and used her. He thought that he was the final winner, but he lost his heart and soul. He was addicted to her, mad for her, and gave up everything for her… [Campus Plane]: He is a student who is afraid of everyone, and she is an obedient female student who is envied by everyone. A bet, he pursued her, confessed her, played with her, deceived her… He thought that when the game was over, he and her would have nothing to do with each other in this life. Unexpectedly… the elementary school tyrant turned into a big sister, forced him into a small alley, slammed him, kissed him forcefully, swore sovereignty…


TitleThe Heroine is a Real Boss
Raw Title快穿女主是个真大佬
Addition DateNovember 17, 2022
AuthorNian Xiao Xiao
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