The National Male God of System Rebirth


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1305 Chapters · 13 Readers
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Rebirth is not terrible, I am afraid that rebirth will become evil. Shu Cheng is a model of this evil. [Ding——The system has found a virus, it is being cleaned up…] [Ding-virus cleanup failed…] 【alarm! alarm! Failed to bind the host, the traversal function failed…] Shu Cheng used to be a system, knowing astronomy and geography is omnipotent, and as a human being again, she vowed to live a dazzling and dazzling life! The supremacy of online literature, the sci-fi god, the emperor of martial arts, the international movie queen, and even the soul musician… The female pretends to be a male, a strong male, a one-on-one male and a clean body and a male lead. The male lead has a high face value, strong “ability”, a cold personality, and likes to make money. Spend all the money with your wife after you make money.


  • The National Male God of System Rebirth
  • 系统重生之国民男神
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