Mystery Descends: My Exchanges Are Not Equal


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904 Chapters · 38 Readers
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Author:Chun Ji Di Xian Yu

Novel Summary

[The 3000th issue of mysterious arrival is about to open! 】 【This is your only chance to redeem yourself! 】 In the global crisis, Wang Teng opens up his unique talent! SSS-level talent – unequal exchange! We are not zero yuan purchase! But we are not equal exchange! 【The exchange is successful! You exchange half a box of instant noodles for endless extraction of SSS-level talents! 】 【The exchange is successful! You exchange a bottle of Sad Crisp Breeze for Douzhuanxingxiao! 】 … Since then, Wang Teng has opened a new mode of exchange.


TitleMystery Descends: My Exchanges Are Not Equal
Raw Title神秘降临:我的交换不对等
Addition DateJanuary 13, 2023
AuthorChun Ji Di Xian Yu
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Monthly Rank#1812
All Time Rank#1300
TagsAbility Steal,Cheats,Discrimination,Game Ranking System,Level System,Lucky Protagonist,Male Protagonist,Nationalism,Overpowered Protagonist,Previous Life Talent,Racism,Survival Game,Unlucky Protagonist,Weak to Strong