I Can Enhance My Talents Using Unlimited Skill Points


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491 Chapters · 23 Readers
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Author:Meng Jing Chao Ren

Novel Summary

Another world invaded, and martial arts radiated new vitality. Chen Yiming took the martial arts talent system to travel through, and the talent can be added infinitely. Poor root bone? If Gou Zhu can’t grow down the mountain, his talent will be added to a certain level, and the corresponding physique will automatically be formed. Incomplete practice? It’s not a problem, as long as the talent points are high enough, the incomplete parts will figure out on their own. He pushed all the enemies all the way, apprentice first, martial artist first, martial artist first…


TitleI Can Enhance My Talents Using Unlimited Skill Points
Raw Title我的天赋无限加点
Addition DateApril 6, 2023
AuthorMeng Jing Chao Ren
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TagsCheats,Cunning Protagonist,Hiding True Abilities,Hiding True Identity,Male Protagonist,Nationalism,Netorare,Racism,Reincarnation,System,Weak to Strong,Younger Sisters