Eighteen Years of Cheating, I Entered the Horror Game


587 Chapters
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587 Chapters · 6 Readers
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Author:Ai Chi Hao Duo Gua

Novel Summary

[Inappropriate person] [Technical flow] [Reckless man] [Abusive tricks] [Funny] [Hot blood] [Black belly] [Not the Virgin] Traveling to another blue star, Lin Chen awakened the “Crafting and Selling System”. You can capture strangeness, sell it to the black mine for mining, and exchange for strangeness It’s a pity that there are too few weirdnesses in this peaceful world. Under such circumstances, Lin Chen has searched for needles in a haystack for twenty years, but still has little to gain. Until one day, Lin Chen received an invitation letter from a horror game… This time, the purchase life started. In the ghost restaurant, the head waiter looked at his empty restaurant with tears streaming down his face. In the weird school, the students were shivering, and the principal lit cigarettes for them. There is also a dungeon deserted village that makes all human players feel horrible, and eventually becomes a real deserted village. I don’t know when, a legend of a treacherous dealer named “Uncle Chen” began to spread in the horror world… This book is also known as: 【Professional Life of a Strange Dealer】 [The sixth child in a horror game] 【The strange nightmare in the horror world】 【Dungeon Terminator】


TitleEighteen Years of Cheating, I Entered the Horror Game
Raw Title捉诡十八年,我进入了惊悚游戏
Addition DateJanuary 16, 2023
AuthorAi Chi Hao Duo Gua
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TagsGame Ranking System,Ghosts,Male Protagonist,Modern Day,Mystery Solving