The CEO Is Cold During The Day, And Wants Kisses At Night!总裁他白天冷冰冰,晚上要亲亲

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637 Chapters · 3 Readers
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Author:Nan Xi Bu Xi

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During the day, Wen Qing wore an OL black and white professional suit, and went to deliver coffee to the president: “Mr. Shang, please enjoy it slowly. Shang Yinghan behind the desk just ignored her. Is this all sitting still? Just when Wen Qing wanted to twist her waist to be more seductive, the personnel department came to inform her that she was fired. Wen Qing: … At night, Wen Qing was wearing a large one-piece pajamas, even if she wrapped herself tightly, she still couldn’t escape. She kicked over: “Didn’t you fire me?” He held her ankle and pulled her over, asking, “Does your foot hurt?” Wen lightly said, “I’ve already been fired. As soon as he finished speaking, he heard his restrained but gritted teeth: “Do you have the guts to try dressing like that again and go to the company? [Missy who relies on her beauty to attack her x boss who is overtly coquettish and secretly coquettish] [Cookies, Everyday, No Cruelty]


TitleThe CEO Is Cold During The Day, And Wants Kisses At Night!
Raw Title总裁他白天冷冰冰,晚上要亲亲
Addition DateFebruary 5, 2023
AuthorNan Xi Bu Xi
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