Virtual World: Conquering the World网游之纵横天下

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1173 Chapters · 5 Readers
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Author:Shi Luo Ye

Novel Summary

Initially I am just another ordinary gamer. I often wondered how my novice skills compare with real masters, the professional gamers. Then one day, two stunning beauties asked me, “Are you willing to be a professional gamer, and conquer the world?” I replied: “Yes, I am willing” After that, bit by bit, I unknowingly become a professional gamer, and conquered the world! This is my story.


TitleVirtual World: Conquering the World
Raw Title网游之纵横天下
Addition DateFebruary 7, 2023
AuthorShi Luo Ye
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TagsArchery,Artifacts,Beautiful Female Lead,Game Ranking System,Grinding,Guilds,Harem-seeking Protagonist,Male Protagonist,Misunderstandings,MMORPG,Modern Day,Money Grubber,Polygamy,Romantic Subplot,Sword And Magic,Tragic Past,Virtual Reality