Players In Marvel


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1102 Chapters · 18 Readers
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Author:Fu She

Novel Summary

Wake up to Marvel and become a latitude demon between existence and non-existence. In order to disrupt the real dimension, the nihilistic demon summoned players from the unknown dimension! In New York City, [Black Hand Wallon] re-enacts the shocking heist, this time targeting the playboys of Stark Industries! Hell’s Kitchen has opened a new home [Xinhei Dingjiu], and at the same time [Dark Cooking World] is trying to control the world with taste! Jinbian ushered in a new enemy, and the Italian “evil” party named [New Pengliel Family] is expanding step by step! [Miko Kikyo] living on the street met the fearless people of Hell’s Kitchen. While investigating the lost shadow case, what kind of sparks could they create!


TitlePlayers In Marvel
Raw Title混在漫威的玩家们
Addition DateFebruary 15, 2023
AuthorFu She
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TagsArtificial Intelligence,Crossover,Fanfiction,Fantasy Creatures,God Protagonist,Male Protagonist,Marvel