Building Superheroes at Marvel在漫威打造超级英雄

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318 Chapters · 7 Readers
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Author:Ji Luo Shen Ming

Novel Summary

Soul wears Marvel, and at the beginning inherited a small and medium-sized pharmaceutical company. In order to maintain his leisurely life, Kyle began to create more superheroes in the Marvel world, and incidentally brought a wave of small enhancements to the original ones. The Iron Lord Tony Stark controls an army of countless machines. The ultimate warrior Steve Rogers with an immortal will and an immortal soul. Thor Odinson, the god of thunder and storms and wars. In addition, under the intervention of Kyle, in this extraordinary world, more superheroes will be born. Commissioner Fury: What’s your purpose in doing this? Kyle Walter: The world needs more heroes, and we are the hero makers! (Half farming in the early stage, and the journey of the later stage is the sea of ​​stars and stars!)


TitleBuilding Superheroes at Marvel
Raw Title在漫威打造超级英雄
Addition DateNovember 30, 2022
AuthorJi Luo Shen Ming
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TagsMale Protagonist,System,Marvel