I Spread the Cosmos By Live Broadcast of Food


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538 Chapters · 12 Readers
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Author:You Lin Rang

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[The new article “The cub I raised is actually a super boss” has been opened! The hero is a star dragon and the heroine is a modern person, cute cookies ~ you can collect them if you like] Lan Siyu has been through the StarCraft for 100,000 years, and also comes with a gourmet live broadcast system?! System: The first mission, reaching 50 billion fans within one year. Seeing the lack of food, the poor interstellar who drinks nutrient solution every day. Lan Siyu said: “As an excellent descendant of a culinary family, I am not afraid of it!” System: The second task is to turn the ancient earth into an A-level horizontal planet. I saw an ancient earth in the desert with a population of tens of thousands of depleted resources. Lan Siyu said: “As an excellent successor to socialism, build the earth and sprinkle it!” System: The third task, let Marshal Shen propose to you. Looking at the dream of that interstellar tens of billions of girls, the undefeated God of War of the Federation. Lan Siyu said: “This really doesn’t work!” I saw someone holding Lan Siyu with a big hand, “This can be there!”


TitleI Spread the Cosmos By Live Broadcast of Food
Raw Title我靠美食直播火遍了全宇宙
Addition DateFebruary 26, 2023
AuthorYou Lin Rang
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TagsBeautiful Female Lead,Clingy Lover,Cooking,Female Protagonist,Handsome Male Lead,Human-Nonhuman Relationship,Interdimensional Travel,Lazy Protagonist,Leadership,Magical Space,Military,Monsters,Politics,System,Wealthy Characters