On the Night of the Nine Tails, I Punched the Tailed Beast Jade with One Punch九尾之夜,我一拳打爆尾兽玉

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582 Chapters · 13 Readers
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Author:Jie Zi Bu Huang

Novel Summary

Yongze traveled to the world of Naruto and was bound to Konoha Village. If Konoha is severely damaged and destroyed, Yongze’s lifespan will also be affected. Yongze panicked at the thought of the upcoming Nine-Tails Rebellion, and then thought of the Konoha collapse plan behind him, Nagato Kangmi, and instantly felt that his eyes were dark and his life was hopeless. Fortunately, while binding with Konoha, he can obtain templates of powerful characters in the heavens. At the beginning, it was bound to the white beard during the war! Has the ability of three-color domineering and shocking fruit. The Nine-Tails Rebellion. Facing the Tailed Beast Jade, which made Konoha Ninjas terrified, Yongze leaped and shattered the Tailed Beast Jade with a punch!


TitleOn the Night of the Nine Tails, I Punched the Tailed Beast Jade with One Punch
Raw Title九尾之夜,我一拳打爆尾兽玉
Addition DateJune 16, 2022
AuthorJie Zi Bu Huang
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TagsCheats,Clingy Lover,Overpowered Protagonist,Transmigration,Male Protagonist