Pirate’s Brood Order


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695 Chapters · 5 Readers
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The heroic person, with the ambition of the jackal, is a heroic person. Astur Bader: The Brood of Alienation and Flesh, Lord of Death and Slavery. When the two coexist together and wake up in the world of “ONE PIECE”, these heroes will rise together, and the magnificent sea will bury many bones. It is to become a pirate, to follow the current, to stand on the top of the tide; or to start from A tiny navy, hitting the water in mid-stream, conquering the wind and thunder of the four seas. The pirate is realistic, the golden finger is the mother’s nest, similar to the nest of the interstellar zerg tyrants, and will gradually establish a base, the BOSS-type protagonist, does not follow the ship, and gradually climbs to the top by means of tricks, not smearing the straw hat group is only this, Enemy or friend only depends on the protagonist’s position at the time. There are right and wrong, but it is more beneficial. Realism is to create and restore the most real and cruel face of the pirate world on the basis of animation. You can read it even if you haven’t read the original, it doesn’t matter. ​​


  • Pirate’s Brood Order
  • 海贼之母巢秩序
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