One Piece: Transform into the Eight Great Demons!


413 Chapters
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413 Chapters · 19 Readers
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Author:Mu Yin Hong Chen

Novel Summary

That day, in the sea area of ​​O'Hara's ruins, an ancient stone tablet carved with a mysterious stone statue was secretly salvaged. After leaving the sea water, the stone statue also opened his eyes. Evan Lindsay - Wake up! Absorbing the power of "Everyone Fruit, Fantasy Beast Species, and Demonic Form", he further develops his abilities based on the eight demons in his impression! … A new era that year. The Dikui stirred up earth waves, the howling wind blew tornadoes, and the thunder of China and the Soviet Union roared; Ximu flutters its wings in the air, Basha stirs the sea, and waves are as strong as the mountains; The Holy Lord breathed flames and cursed blue to smash the moon down; [Devil] Alvin Lindsay, wantonly on the sea—— For freedom!


TitleOne Piece: Transform into the Eight Great Demons!
Raw Title人在海贼:化身八大恶魔!
Addition DateDecember 16, 2023
AuthorMu Yin Hong Chen
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All Time Rank#3346
TagsMale Protagonist,Pirates,Transmigration,One Piece