Douluo: Begin As Bibi Dong’s Righteous Son


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335 Chapters · 23 Readers
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Accidentally came to Douluo Continent, and in the secret realm of Rakshasa, he absorbed endless evil energy and was reborn with divine blood. He was adopted by Bibi Dong as his adopted son and hid in Wuhun City. At the age of six, he awakened the twelve-winged fallen angel of his martial soul. Does soul power need to be cultivated? I always absorb evil energy and increase my soul power. With a soul ring, do you need to hunt soul beasts? My spirit rings are all formed by a fallen angel, and they still have no age limit. You can’t find Tang Hao, don’t know where Tang Hao is? But I know where he is. A civet cat for a prince, fighting openly and secretly, I am not good at fighting openly, but I am good at fighting secretly. Martial Soul Fusion Skill? I fuse with you big-headed ghost, what kind of thing can a fallen angel and a cat fuse into?


  • Douluo: Begin As Bibi Dong’s Righteous Son
  • 斗罗:开局成为比比东义子
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