Paladins of Asgard阿斯加德的圣骑士

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654 Chapters · 7 Readers
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Author:Xiang Bu Xiang Chi Xi Gua

Novel Summary

Carry the Book of Warcraft Paladins and travel across the Marvel Universe to become Rowe Garrison, an apprentice herbalist in Asgard. Divine Shield, Wrath of Vengeance, Sulfuron Hammer, Ashbringer... The spells and artifacts of World of Warcraft bloom in the world of Marvel. "For the Alliance, ah no...for Asgard!" Rowe raised his warhammer and shouted in the light of the Holy Light, "Frost Giants, Kree, Thanos... Accept the cordial greetings from justice!"


TitlePaladins of Asgard
Raw Title阿斯加德的圣骑士
Addition DateFebruary 5, 2022
AuthorXiang Bu Xiang Chi Xi Gua
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TagsAlchemy,Beautiful Female Lead,Charming Protagonist,Cheats,Comedic Undertone,Conditional Power,Cosmic Wars,Demons,God Protagonist,Gods,Hard-Working Protagonist,Late Romance,Magic,Male Protagonist,Religions,Resurrection,Strategist,Time Skip,Wars,Weak to Strong