The Witcher’s Nightmare Wagon


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606 Chapters · 11 Readers
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Author:Wang Bian

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My name is Sigmund, and this is the 27th day and the first day after my crossing. Snowstorm, mountain village. 27 days is just the same day of reincarnation. Cold and hungry, and a faint growl in the wind and snow. In 27 days, I had 11 broken arms and 3 legs. Don’t be surprised, I also buried 7 of myself. Until the 28th day, in the diffuse snow, a dark ghost carriage broke the time cycle and appeared in front of my eyes. The door opened, and the ancient parchment rolled slowly Another world gold finger, or a novice reward for signing in for 28 days? Between on and off, Sigmund was lost in thought. ………… Traveling through time and space and nightmares, every time the carriage arrives, Sigmon gets rewards and becomes stronger, but even so, he still stubbornly believes that this car… is not serious. Only because that day the carriage brought him two silver-haired women, one large and one small. “My name is Ciri, and I’m from Kyle Morhan.” “My name is Maria, from the Star Clock Tower.” Are your horses pulling carts or pulling skins? joke! I am a decent person, what can I do? Ha ha……


TitleThe Witcher’s Nightmare Wagon
Raw Title猎魔者的梦魇马车
Addition DateMarch 24, 2023
AuthorWang Bian
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TagsDetectives,Male Protagonist