Horrible! Actually playing this kind of game!


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585 Chapters · 17 Readers
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Author:Chun Ji De Mi Wan

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In 1990, he traveled to an island country in a parallel world and became the president of a game company. Qing Zhiyuan, who had already understood the direction of the next 30 years, could not fail. However, a few years later... Qing Zhiyuan still hasn't figured out one thing. I have obviously made so many landmark games, the king of war chess, the first RTS, the creator of big IP, the originator of online games... But why do everyone call me the father of galgame? Being forced to do galgame is really not my intention!


TitleHorrible! Actually playing this kind of game!
Raw Title可怕!居然做这种游戏!
Addition DateDecember 12, 2023
AuthorChun Ji De Mi Wan
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TagsAlternate World,Game Elements,Male Protagonist,Time Travel,Transmigration