I Am a Master of Light Novels in Japan我在日本当轻小说大师(全本)

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969 Chapters · 4 Readers
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Author:Jiu Yue Mo Ke

Novel Summary

This is a creative world with girls, novelists, old thieves and reminders, as well as cartoonists, and then integrate all the elements into a passionate story similar to the [Story] series. Reminder: This book is a novel of passion and daily life. There are many passionate plots, involving supernatural directions, and the style is more unique. It will change the daily animation into the extraordinary, I hope you like it.


TitleI Am a Master of Light Novels in Japan
Raw Title我在日本当轻小说大师(全本)
Addition DateMarch 30, 2023
AuthorJiu Yue Mo Ke
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TagsDragons,Fanfiction,Male Protagonist,Otaku,Parallel Worlds,Poor Protagonist,System,Transmigration