The King of Knights in a Different World


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459 Chapters · 13 Readers
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Hundreds of years ago, the sacred unified empire was divided into nine due to civil strife. Britain is one of them. The one who drew this sword is the king of Britain, and this is a legend left by the generations of Britain. The king is judged by the sword of the king. Then, the king died… To put it simply, it means that a certain traverser was reborn into a new world after being fooled and spreading fire to become the King of Kings and burned him down, but… this world seems strange. Protagonist: Fuck you, I read less, don’t lie to me. Charlemagne and Alexander were heroes of the same time? Well, I take it as it is. But what’s the matter with the Shining of Babylon and Nobunaga of the island country? When Babylon disappeared, the people of the island country were still hanging on the tree as monkeys. Are you telling me that they are the product of an era? However, Mao Wang is still very cute. Finally, can anyone tell me why I can draw this sword in the stone?


  • The King of Knights in a Different World
  • 型月异界的骑士王(全本)
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